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  • Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday

    Birthdays are never complete until you've sent happy birthday wishes to the birthday...

  • Birthday Wishes

    Birthday Wishes

    Birthday wishes definitely adds cheer on your friends' or loved ones' birthday. So go...

  • Birthday: Fun

    Birthday: Fun

    Aren't birthdays and fun synonymous? Send these humorous birthday cards to your...

  • Romance Day

    Romance Day

    Hey, it's Romance Day! Time for you all to reach out to...

  • Anniversary: To a Couple

    Anniversary: To a Couple

    They are a fun couple. You really make a good foursome or if you are single, they...

  • I Love You

    I Love You

    When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the...

  • Everyday Cards: Thinking of You

    Everyday Cards: Thinking of You

    Out of sight but never out of my mind! If there is someone who is ruling your mind...

  • Happy Anniversary

    Happy Anniversary

    When two human beings are involved, strange things could happen, which is why we...

  • Birthday: Son & Daughter

    Birthday: Son & Daughter

    Watching your son or daughter grow up into a beautiful human being is one of the best...

  • True Love Forever Day

    True Love Forever Day

    It's True Love Forever Day! So celebrate the love of your...

  • Birthday: Brother & Sister

    Birthday: Brother & Sister

    Siblings share a special bond. They are friends, mentors, secret sharers and a lot...

  • Birthday: For Your Friends

    Birthday: For Your Friends

    With online birthday cards reach out faster to your friends on their birthdays. It's...

  • Everyday Cards: Get Well Soon

    Everyday Cards: Get Well Soon

    A friend in bed is no fun indeed, so wish your buddy who's unwell a speedy recovery...

  • Anniversary: For Her

    Anniversary: For Her

    Whether it's a first anniversary or fiftieth, she wants to be close to you. She wants...

  • Hug Your Sweetheart Day

    Hug Your Sweetheart Day

    It's Hug Your Sweetheart Day! So take your sweetheart in...

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